Learn Dabeli Recipe In Few Minutes

9 AUG 2023

Dabeli, a popular Indian street food, features a spiced potato mixture encased in a pav bun.

The mixture is seasoned with a blend of masalas, tamarind chutney, and peanuts.

Dabeli masala adds a distinct flavor, while pomegranate seeds add a sweet crunch.

The bun is smeared with chutneys, stuffed with the filling, and toasted on a griddle.

Garnishes like sev, chopped onions, and coriander leaves provide texture and freshness.

Dabeli's unique taste balances sweet, spicy, and tangy notes, making it a delight for taste buds.

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors and textures that make Dabeli a beloved street food.

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